Manufacturer Profile

Beijing Angel Network Technology Co., Ltd., was established in July 2011, has a professional technical team and service team, the company holds the "achievements of SMEs Dream" great service and "a much better" dedication, the first Chinese small and medium enterprise website construction service new forces. Beijing Angel Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese enterprises to promote information into a mission focused on enterprise information technology application and promotion of professional services company, to help enterprises build a network marketing system for enterprises to create a professional, personalized e-commerce platform "for promoting the development of Chinese e-commerce vanguard, led by Chinese SMEs to enter e-commerce" is our core values. "Intimate services" is Angel studio network to the sound development of business ideas. "Intimate, artistic, professional" is our consistent principle of service. As one of the earliest enterprises to provide information technology services company, Angel studio network to provide customers with a more comprehensive, efficient, safe, effective and suitable for market solutions and professional services, allows us to get over the country and more than 10 countries and area recognition. In order to meet customer needs, providing customers with better service, we have become a Baidu, GOOGLE, reciprocity China's core agent. Strengthen customer network marketing channels and efforts to provide customers with one-stop full service. "Personalized service", what we have each row of the elite: vibrant design, top developers, professional sales and service personnel. We see this integration of professional service system, including: sales, Web site building technology sector, the construction site of channels, construction site service department.