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"The little girl was abducted Kunming" to rumors circulating in the country for three months

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Expert: deliberately spreading false information liable
Yesterday, the newspaper received help that morning of the 29th, a 3 year old little girl near the Kunming Hi-tech Development Zone Yixin home district had been abducted and provides a contact name and telephone number, hope insiders provide clues . However, when reporters call the contact, but found that the number has been at a standstill. Subsequently, when the reporter to "high-tech zones" as the keyword search, but found that in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Harbin, Suzhou, Kunming and other cities more than ten high-tech zone, the child has repeatedly "abducted", has been at sites spread across the country for nearly three months.
Missing place far apart
"A 3 year old little girl in high-tech development zone near Yixin home district was abducted." Yesterday, in Kunming and many people microblogging circle of friends have experienced such a help message, the message is accompanied a little girl wearing a black short-sleeved, light-colored shorts and sandals photos.
However, after a reporter repeatedly confirmed that this was a false message. In addition to that verified, Kunming High-tech Zone nor Yixin homes outside the cell phone number information is also already included in a shutdown state. Through check phone numbers attribution show, attribution to the number of Liaocheng, Kunming far. Subsequently, the correspondent of "high-tech zones" for the criteria in the microblogging search found that in more than a dozen cities, including Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Harbin, Suzhou, Kunming, this cute little daughter has been in different places, "abducted" .
It is understood that the high-tech development zone in some means of knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive cities and coastal areas to establish the development of high-tech industrial development zone. According to the China Development Gateway Statistics show that nationwide there are 94 state-level zone. And this information is the use of high-tech zones to help in a number of provinces in the region are characterized by the presence, spread rapidly.
Use of new media rumors pass rumors feature
Delivery "Panda Blood" from love to "search for missing children" messages, has been on the network can see a lot. In the opinion of many users to help forward the information only for help reflect the love, but sometimes repeated the baseless assertion.
However, according to the present situation, the use of false information by users good heart and a minority of people. The reason that this happens, Yunnan Normal University Institute of Media Professor Duzhong Feng think there are three main reasons. "In the self-media age, users use CAUSE microblogging, letters and other new media rumors of three main points, some well-known bloggers, big V to improve their visibility, will use the users of rumors curiosity, write false news. In addition, Some users have not been real-name authentication of new media, is not responsible for their own behavior, so does not consider Forward microblogging authenticity of sources. in addition, our current new media-related laws and regulations system is also not perfect, wanton the spread of rumors behavior does not play a strong constraint. deliberately spreading false information liable. "
Search can be verified before forwarding
In the face of the "small society" the news is true mixed situation, when faced with information to help Internet users how to tell it? Many users know almost network also provides tips themselves are true and false messages. In major international breaking news, the users can understand by the major portals, within half an hour if no relevant news portal, which can be determined to be false information. (Reporter trainee reporter Li Ruiying ancient Mu Lan)