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Russian Defense Minister by a special plane on his way home and banned Fei

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu 29, on his way back from Slovakia, the special plane once flew over Poland and Ukraine prohibited airspace.
[Forced return]
Russian news agency first reported the incident. The media say that they stand on the Tu-154 plane reporter learned from a crew, the driver receives a message, Poland does not allow aircraft to use its airspace. Subsequently, the aircraft turned sharply to return Slovakia.
Slovak Foreign Ministry later confirmed that Poland and Ukraine Shoigu allowed aboard aircraft to use its airspace. Plane was forced to return to land the Slovak capital Bratislava.
In accordance with the Slovak Foreign Ministry statement, Shoigu earlier in the day in the central city of Banská Slovakia - Bystrica attend a commemoration of the uprising against the Nazis.
Slovak Foreign Ministry spokesman said after landing Bratislava airport, Shoigu to stay on the plane, but was proposed to be transferred to the Russian Embassy. The spokesman said that the Slovak Interior Minister Robert calignac to the airport to try to solve the problem.
Shortly thereafter, the aircraft overflew Poland regained permission to return to Russia.
[Aircraft Error? ]
Polish Air Navigation Services PAZP said at the time the decision was made out of the no-fly because the aircraft for unknown reasons its state changed from civilian military. The aircraft initially obtain diplomatic clearance by Fei Bolan, and because it is clearly identified as a civilian Aeroflot.
A spokesman for the Polish Defense Ministry said the plane back to the original state, re-encoding, obtain flight clearance the Polish side again.
On the Polish side of the statement that Russia did not immediately respond.
Reuters reported that due to the crisis in Ukraine, Poland and Russia in recent months tensions. Poland accuses Russia interference situation in Ukraine, Russia denies.
29, Russian First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Titov said that the behavior of the Polish side, "a flagrant violation of inter-country exchanges and ethical guidelines."
[There have been]
Temporarily not know the specific role of Ukraine in this incident plays.
This is the second high-ranking officials of the Russian government plane occurred nearly three months since the country was no-fly airspace. May 10, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin Moldova by the return to Russia when his plane via Romania and Ukraine hopes airspace but have been rejected. Moreover, the Ukrainian fighter jet was also intercepted.
Later, Dmitry Rogozin claimed that the next will take the Tu-160 strategic bombers to travel, causing the Romanian Foreign Ministry protest. (Liliang Yong Xinhua News Agency feature articles)